Friday, August 26, 2011

Should we Fund the Political Parties

I have been for long thinking about this. Lets think about how we conduct ourselves in the Democracy. First about the Setup of the Multi Party System.

The Urge of having a Party, The Motivation To Fight in an Election. How do we run the Parties?

If you see today, on an 'ideal' way. It should come from the Subscription Fees from the Members of the Political Party. Is it done that way. Or the Money which are being spend directly or indirectly be it in election campaigns and other Political showoffs do not say so. Be it in the Sculptures of themselves put in Marble or Be it the High cutouts they put. 

Our Forefathers who framed the constitution werent Selfish. Our Ministers were so much into Working for the People that we had even Home Ministers without a Home. We had the same person who was pained, resigned from being the Railway Minister because 144 passengers died in Ariyalur in Tamilnadu. Im really saddenned by the people who should be following the foot steps now say that 'All terrorist Attacks cannot be stopped'.

I remember one instance i guess it was Lal Bahadur Shastri after becoming a full time member of a Political Party, He was getting the Salary from the Political Party. The Political Party decieded to increase his salary. AFter a month found the next month only a certain amount was his monthly expense. He returned back the remaining money to the Party and even said that from next month i only want that much as salary. This is how our forefathers worked.

Im not being critical about any single individual. But i feel flatly All Political Parties should have 'only' Motivation of serving, before they either start a party or are running a Party.

An Interesting Point Came up today comes up in Parliament(from the person who said that all terrorist attacks cannot be stopped though) which i really welcome. This can  only be successful that the Political Parties are Honest and Sincere. Its about Funding the Political Parties.

We have to Laud the Election Commission for bring up a system Related to the Cap in Expenditure during Elections. While this has put largely a good amount of success in what a candidate has to spend in the election. Though indirectly there were Media reports on a lot of Money being given Directly to the Voters and other teasers.

The Funding of Political Parties and for the Elections for the very basic Necessary for Putting up their Agenda and Proposals to the People of our Country. Limit on show off Rallys nor any such things which involves a lot of Money. As any Law this should be done bothwise, which is to say we should understand that it isnt great to get favours to vote for somebody, and it isnt great to give either. The system can only be clean if we have clean Thoughts. But ofcourse there should be a system in place where all this is streamlined and channelled.

This should stop the Politician from thinking that if i have to win in the next election i should amass wealth to spend in the next election.

To seek to strive and not to yield says Lord Tennyson  - Lets Seek, Lets Strive for the Goodness Collectively of our Countrymen and the World, Lets not yield to only Selfish Desires which cause harm to anybody.....

Any Religious Literature only wanted Goodness to be present with everybody. Our Culture also says so 'Loka Samastha Sugino Bavanthu'

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dont Say No!

JaiGurudev. [Guruji : 'Jai' means Victory, 'Guru' means the biggest, the greatest. 'Dev' is the big mind the higher self in you. Sometimes your small self wins and some times your higher self wins. When the small self wins over you, you are miserable.But when the bigger self, the wisdom in you wins, then it gives you comfort, joy, peace and love. So may always the Big Mind in us win. Jai Gurudev means let the greatness, biggest in me win over the small little chattering mind. ]

Today i m going to go to another course in AOL!!

Dont Say No...Do Something Now....

Dhivya Samaj Ka Nirman.. so this is it and its going to be done by renowned guruji...Naick ji ...

Im sure this will again be a gaining experience...will blog the experience soon...there was a break in Sudarshan kriya for a couple of again managed to start over again :)


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Art Of Living !!

No time to blog (err ...) thats a lie na??.. What an experience was it Sudarshan Kriya....the Part I course.. It was a fantastic experience... It was a really really memorable experience for me..

First day of the course and i was in expecting...donno what a bit of yoga and ive read about Sudarshan Kriya as well.. so expecting that word and a lot...

Happiness is when ? "Now!!" The present Moment is what when you will be happy...
Responsibility is Power and Responsibility is taken not given...
Irresponsibility = Complaint(Nobody need to tell if irresponsibility is to be taken(or rather to be shed) or given.
Dont find Intentions in others mistakes ( Mistake is a mistake)

What golden words are these and if we only follow of these golden words i feel a lot of transformation could be in the way...

Not to say Yoga....ive always thought that i wouldnt be fit by pushing hand thisside or pushing it that side...but im really feeling myself

Pranayama .. This has been a me..i was not able to understand how can one get energy or could regulate ones breath and get happiness out of it ?? But really all my questions were answered quite clearly ....You wanna know the answers....

Just do it !!

Meditation ... its is to concentrate ?? My Guruji Poojya Sri Sri Ravishankar is telling it is to deconcentrate just dont think about anything...and he also says that 18 minutes of meditation is equivalent to 4 hours of sleep.. wow thats a lot of rest in too little time...

Pranams to my Guruji Anuji..


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Slow moving Creek......

Releationship is like a flowing creek, it should not be abrupted in any way. If you feel that there is a chance of abruption….STOP…think…be aware…move the abruption make it flow calmly and quietly, because by the time you realise that you have hurted something…it might have hurt it so badly...

Monday, July 21, 2008


Competition is considered healthy, Im really unimpressed at how sometimes our corporate culture is ! It is competition they say, but i donno backstabbing and unhealthy way of expressal on the people around creates a very negative environment around. The kind of backstabbing,favouritism i see in the office makes me to think are we forgetting human values, and what has happenned to corporate values as well ( not the 'corporate values' these people think to be corporate values.

neways..bye guys....corporate has become sometimes corporal..mosttimes indirectly pushing others down...may be my peception..


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday, October 16, 2005

This is more than my appraisal even......I feel in heaven and more confident !!!

My colleague's comment in personal blog::This is my last night working at Hummingbird. At first when I come to this office, I found it messy and ad-hoc. I did not like my workspace, it was too cold and the chair is uncomfortable. We ate at TGI Fridays on my first night. Rahim told me that we are a big family and everyone takes care of each other. I felt welcomed to the team.As days go by, I become closer to my Datamart colleagues, Meghana and Ali. The other guys work crazy hours, whereas the three of us try to keep more regular hours. We always joke about how much time is wasted on dinners, so we made a plan about buying take-outs and eating in the hotel. The three of us had a good time chit-chating with each other.After Meghana and Ali leave, I stick with Prajeeth. Prajeeth is considerate and quiet. Even though he does so much, he does not boast about his work. Given his work attitude, I think he will be successful in his future endeavours. He is going to stay here in Trinidad for a long long time, perhaps he will find a girlfriend here and settle down =)On-site work is hard. The pressure is immense and the working hours is long. However, people bond together much easier in such a tough environment. We are one team and we need to get things done, whatever it takes. There is no one here who will say "this is not my job" or "I need to go home to watch ...". When there is an issue, it is everyone's responsibility to get it fixed. I have make closer friends here in Hummingbird in just 3 weeks.This is one of the most memorable experience I have, working at Redknee. I am really glad that I came down to Hummingbird before I leave the company. I do miss Canada though, looking forward to get back to my Canadian life for 3 weeks, and then another good bye to the country I love.

At Hummingbird

Great work, Great people what else do you need, Its great to work with these guys onsite im learning a lot im feeling that my home is telecom now.